Banners and Flags Tutorial

Legion Flags and Banners

Starbuilds will assist you in the build! This first time on Flags & Banners...

Well this is the first upload that we are sharing with Imperialterrain. This also means that we will be working together.. How awesome is that right!

In the future we will be able to provide tutorial videos on how to prep, paint, weather your own 3d printed buildings and how to utilize them to the max!!

This will be an awesome opportunity for everyone that loves the Star Wars Legion hobby, imperial assault game or any other sci-fi tabletop game for that matter...

How to Build your own banner;

Now let's get into this specific tutorial. Coming from a veteran wargamer/hobbyist myself I always loved the idea of using banners in your units on terrain and so on.

In my opinion Star Wars legion and just the star wars 'world'in general lends itself perfectly for banners. You always see these iconic flags in the movies and what not. So why not make them ourselves?

I thought of some different ways to go with this and we filmed the cheapest easiest way..

What you want to do is take a piece of ordinary printer paper. Plan out what kind of flag you want this could be anything ranging from a banner for one of you trooper leaders to some streamers on you at-st. Or just the new order flag hanging of that freshly claimed factory.

Paint the color you like on one side of the paper and if the paint is a little bit dry flip it over quickly and paint the other side. This way you will have an awesome painted flag on both side plus the paper wont warp as much..

What's important is that you keep the paint a bit wet, this will help with natural highlights as well with a good coverage and flow onto the paper.

Once this is done you can paint stripes or other markings on your flag, either with a very steady hand a stencil or ruler. A small tip here is too make sure you remove the ruler in one take and don't wet the paint too much so that it flows underneath the ruler.

After this step I used stencils from: to create the awesome logo's. By gently sticking the stencil onto your flag or building you can use a spray can or airbrush to spray on the desired logo. A Code on how to get yours cheaper will follow soon!

The reason I went for spraying instead of painting the stencil is due to contamination. If you paint it on the paint might flow underneath the stencil and the crisp logo changes to one hell of an ugly logo.

It's important to note that you do not necessarily need the right color spraypaint for the logo because if you use any other primer you could repaint it in any of the colors you want it to be you then just use it for the outlining.

Last but not least, once done you can chose to highlight the flag here and there for some extra depth by creating shadows. What also might help to know where to put the highlights is to shape a flag so that it looks as if the wind catches it. This is achieved by forming it in the sort of amplitude or wave like shapes. This way you know where to put the highlights.


Some thoughts afterwards..

You can choose to just shape your own flag. However since we're using printer paper you could also print the logos and art on there. This way you could paint over them or if you have a very good color printer you might even get away with just printing the banner fully in your design and leave it the way it is.

Another thing was the ripped flag effect on the madolore banner. I achieved this by gently ripping the paper in the shape i wanted it to be right after painting it. The wetness of the paper helps achieve the tearing look and it makes for some great looking banners. The blood on the mandalorian banner is creater by flicking "blood for the bloodgod"technical paint onto the model using my thumb on a brush for real splatter patterns.

We hope you like this video and blog, and look forward to assist any of you with questions. Do suggest new ideas to us and let us know which buildings are preferred to do first.

We will soon start with tatooine based landscape. Hope to see you all soon!