Custom Vehicles for your table top?

It's been 24 hours since the Terrain Machine Kickstarter launched and I woke up this morning to see we broke through the $30K mark.... in 24 hours?!! 

Holeeeeeee cow guys! Thank you!

Just to put this in perspective - in 2019 when we launched the Cochin Industrial District Kickstarter we were at $17ishK after 24 hours.

Obviously, the Terrain Machine is a full blown web app project vs. a file set - but it's still kinda crazy. And I'm glad that you share in my vision.

I've seen a lot of surprise from the community that the Terrain Machine is planned for more than just buildings (Vehicles is the 40K stretch goal).

And I guess this is the hardest part for me to explain.

The Terrain Machine isn't simply a set of files. It's a technology. Built on a full-blown game engine. This gives us a lot of horsepower for some pretty neat things in the future. 

Take the Grav Ride add-on theme for example. Think of the theme as a set of parts. And those parts are interchangeable before printing.

I haven't figured out the combination of speeders possible with this theme - but it's more than 1 or 3. If you figure it out, let me know.

Think of the IT4 Recon Ship. Sure, I designed it to be interchangeable, but what does that give you - 3 maybe 4 options, and the variety is limited to the fuel and sensor pods.  

The Terrain Machine allows you to make a completely different speeder within that theme. It's a true game-changer for wargammers everywhere, not just Star Wars Legion players.

Once we've unlocked the Vehicle capability... we're really gonna start having some fun with things other than "just" buildings.

Let's unlock that Vehicle stretch goal today! Check out the Kickstarter page and become a Backer to take advantage of the unlimited downloads.