Damaged Barriers Tutorial

Damaged Barriers Tutorial!

BARRIERS! Another Starbuilds video is out!!!

I will show you how to create deliberate "damage" on your buildings such as bulletholes and grenade impacts.

This is the second upload on the Imperial Terrain Blog. Soon we will have the awesome oppertunity to paint and show you how to prep 3D printed Buildings from this very website!

How to make your Star Wars Legion barriers look worn, shot and damaged

Right off the start it's important to mention that to make things look realistic you should focus on not focussing too much! Ha! This will make things look a lot better, trust me...

Basically we start with several different sizes of drill bits, you will also need a pair of pliers as well as a hobby knife.

Decide which way you want to go with the barrier. Preferably start with an unpainted barrier. You can drill holes in different sizes, and you can randomly pick them out or put them in a spray line or cluster to imitate different ways of firing. What I like to do is to use my hobby knife to trim the edges of the entry point this way you dont just get a drilled hole but an actual entry point.

Another great way is to have some scratch marks on some of the barriers. Use the hobby knife to make the initial cut, then deepen and/or widen it by going over the same cut.

A last way as shown in the video is to imitate grenade impacts. For this you can choose to trim small pieces away from the edge of the barrier or drill a big hole which you make even wider using the hobby knife. By handling the knife in an angle and twisting it you can easily trim away plastic.

Check the video for our specific Tatooine inspired paint job. This can however be any paint job you like. Experiment with different grey tones by adding blue or browns to a grey mixture. This helps alot for natural grey tones and has that Star Wars feel to it with a lot of flat colors.

Some thoughts afterwards..

Although we only showed you three different ways to "damage" your barriers, there are lots of other different ways. We will experiment with more of these in upcoming videos on the 3D printed terrain.

Less is more... When painting your terrain, and this also usually counts for your models. I always try to think of the fact that less is more. By this I mean you can easily overdo it. Painting to much details can actually make the paintjob LESS appealing.

We hope you like this video and blog, and look forward to assist any of you with questions. Do suggest new ideas to us and let us know which buildings are preferred to do first.

We will soon start with tatooine based landscape. Hope to see you all soon!