Early Train Info

We have been pretty quiet on new releases lately and we can finally explain why! The next big thing from Imperial Terrain will be a project centered around a train design. It is not a Star Wars Imperial train or rebel train. It's not a 40k train, it's what I like to call an "Analog Sci-Fi" train.

Do I think it will work great as a 32-34mm terrain set that could be used for wargames like Legion? Absolutely. Do I think there will be a similar, yet custom smaller scale around 28mm for Warhammer/Necromunda? Yep. 

As of right now, the plan is to Kickstart the project within the next 2 months. The team already has the core models done and we are working on getting those tested by our beta tester community. After that, a few things have to open before I can set up the Kickstarter project page. 

  1. Printed / Prepped / Painted Core Models
  2. Simple Website for Updates and Model previews
  3. Samples sent out to some key folks/members of communities

A few questions we have already been getting answered in a quick FAQ:

#1) Will the Kickstarter be STL only?

Yes. We will offer a few printed options here on the website simultaneously as the Kickstarter is in progress that way we can manage the orders and don't have to pay additional fees to Kickstarter/add-on managers. This means more funds that go towards the creators.

#2) Where is the train from the Solo movie?

I don't know. Maybe someone else will model it? As many of our fans know, we don't like to fly too close to the sun (Model and sell things directly from the movies). Why not make something unique that fits in the world?

#3) What will be in the Kickstarter?

The plan right now for the core set files is:

  • Modular Engine
  • Flatbed Car
  • Box Car 
  • Tracks (Straight, Curved, Endstop, Track Add Line)

That's it? Yep. There are a lot of neat things that we will reveal about the models before the Kickstarter launches that make them a bit more unique than the average model spam Kickstarters. We have a great slate of stretch goals ready to go and the entry price will be very reasonable. Having the core set files done and completely tested before the KS even launches means the day it is over you will get them all immediately. I plan on having a large majority of the stretch goals done and modeled before the KS starts as well. I believe this will be a better overall experience for everyone vs. dragging out the KS for 9+ months.

This is "early" info and things are subject to change. I can't wait to get the preview site up and running to start showing off some of the models and get the community going!

- Imperial Terrain Team