Beta is in the wild, modular terrain everywhere...

When designing 28mm modular terrain that can be used for a multitude of tabletop war games (really Warhammer 40k and star wars, also Pathfinder), there are a lot of little things you don't think about.  Especially as the terrain pieces get out into the wild and customers start using them for varying different games and exploring the modular capabilities of what the pieces have to offer.  We currently have over 15 Beta sets out in the wild for "Phase 1".  Phase 1 was the original concept design with Single width (30mm), Double Width (60mm), and Corner wall pieces.  Also included were simple doorways, that allowed for a top feed door to be slid into and out.

Initial feedback focused on the connectors themselves.  What came from it?  We changed the type of plastic used to print the pieces, moving from PLA to PETG.  PETG allows for greater durability when printing terrain and especially greater durability for the connectors which were showing early signs of stress.  

Next, we changed the interface type.  Seriously, this was a giant pain in the ass.  It literally took 2 weeks to find what turned out to be a fairly simple change.  War gamers be excite, these miniature terrain pieces now rock due to the changes we made.  Making these fundamental changes up front did slow us down on making the great detailed pieces you will see shortly but investing the time up front was the right thing to do.

Next post will be on our roadmap!  Everything will still be focused on 28mm terrain unless we get input from other war gaming communities.