Forward Outpost Bundle and ATT V 1.5


Some of you have noticed that the "All The Terrain"(ATT) package is now sold out. We currently have around 100 customers for the package which met our original goal for the bundle to help get us off the ground. Instead of doing a traditional Kickstarter, I feel that is what ATT has done for me. Proving that you guys are indeed out there and love the terrain! With the funds I have purchased additional printers and I have steady printing assistance. I also am working with a few concept artists who with my input will shape some pretty awesome future terrain pieces for me to model.

Moving forward if you are not an ATT owner, I will release the new files in bundles. If a file is larger in nature I'll make sure to single it out as you may not want to buy the entire bundle but this allows for some flexibility.

Speaking of bundles, the "Forward Outpost" is now out. It currently has 5 files in the bundle allowing you to print and build your own Forward Outpost. Depending on interest I will continue to build out that set, along with the Modular Landing Bay.


Version 1.5 ATT Update Notes:

V1.5 Update - 12/8

-Imperial Forward Outpost Files added. Up to 5 now.

-Inspectors Office is final (well for now anyways....)

-Mos 1 Bed, 1 Bath has been added. (I do have a sense of humor!)

-Randoms Folder added to with about 5 more files.

Probably be awhile till the next update, early january I think. Holidays and need to test print a lot!