Frozen AT-AT terrain piece: the beginning....

Hey you guys! This piece is a blast and is my second time taking a stab at a crashed AT-AT piece of terrain. This is a big thanks to Disney for making these Popcorn buckets! If you're working to make this for Legion it's just a hair under scale but still helps sell the thematic feel!

Materials used:

  • Foam safe glue
  • Spray paint (light Grey)
  • Disneyland AT-AT Popcorn bucket ($25 in the park, $35+ on eBay)
  • Sharp razor/ Exacto knife
  • Large foamed PVC board
  • Pink insulation foam
  • White expanded foam (I got this from the packaging of my record player)
  • Hotwire cutter
  • Bamboo skewers 
  • Sculptamold 
  • Old yogurt container or bad Tupperware to mix in
  • Treated Pine bark
  • Bulk acrylic paints.


Prepping the popcorn bucket:

Look over the model and find all the small screws that hold it together, personally, I removed them to help with my planning stage making it easier to pull the model apart and try out different poses. One the first attempt I went with more damage, I cut up the walls and glued them back in with some skew to them and then some blasted damage. This time around the most visible alteration I made is an opened hatch on the top side of the terrain piece.

Determine the landscape:

After building terrain for a while, I have accumulated lots of unfinished projects and pulled out a hill that has been sitting on the shelf after going through a few renditions as the start of crafting the hillside. I just kept bringing in more foam adding in some pink foam. I started just laying the foam together and trying to add in the AT-AT to play with the height and angles. 


Once the height feels right begin carving the structure of the slopes and carve out some places to recess the AT-AT model into the hill. ( I’m going for more of a few years after that one epic battle in the best of the SW films.) At this point don't worry if you carve out too much you can always layer in some more foam bits or in later steps cover this up with the Sculptamold and it will help hold the model in. As you build and start to like the build use your skewers to start holding the foam together. 

Just let your imagination go! Or whip out your handy device and google, start searching for some inspiration. I went back and re-watched Empire Strikes Back just for some good vibes while I was building.

Once you have your foam in place glue it down to your basing and some between the layers. Since this is foam and you won't have the circulation of air for normal PVA to dry make sure to use foam safe glues. Next up mix up your Sculptamold! Its great stuff I used it to cover most of the foam and begin the buildup of snow around the model. 


The best part of the Sculptamold is it has soon many uses. After the first application, I decided to add some more rock formations and used the treated bark I found to build up some rocks around the main formation and built it up a bit more under the head of AT-AT.

That's it for this blog post, stay tuned for the next segment covering the rest of the build.