Getting Started....

Hey Folks,

Dave here from the Imperial Terrain team.  Wanted to start this whole thing off with why we decided to create a small boutique wargaming terrain company that focuses on custom designed 3D Terrain for your Warhammer , Star Wars RPG, (insert sci-fi tabletop game) fans out there that will allow you to easily spruce up the 'ole gaming table.

That's exactly what we wanted.  The imperial terrain team regularly meets up and plays tabletop.  Whether its D&D, Star Wars, whatever, we like getting together, drinking, and roleplaying.  We wanted to have a deeper more immersive gaming session than drawing on a grid mat.  We also (in the early days) not very good at making terrain.  Luckily, one of us fell into a 3D printer and started printing anything that was relevant to our campaigns!

It was awesome, and Reddit loved it too.

Now we are on a mission to provide some of these custom designs to everyone, at a good price so they can get the replayability and flexibility of modular wargaming terrain as well.