How to design terrain without 3d modeling skills

Introducing... the Terrain Machine! The first web based app designed to give Sci-Fi wargamers the ability to fully customize their tabletop terrain, with ZERO experience or 3d modeling skills required.

You can head over to the Terrain Machine Kickstarter page and check it out or keep reading!

Okay, so maybe you're asking "what the heck is the Terrain Machine?! and what can it do really?!"

Simply put, it's a web app that will let you customize terrain BEFORE you print it, straight from your web browser - in just a few simple clicks of the mouse. No special software or engineering degrees required.

Once you're done creating your terrain piece, in one click - the Machine will "glue" all the pieces together and prepare an STL file that is instantly ready for download. Imagine a hot, fresh STL with properly oriented designs and no supports ready to hit your 3d printer - that you created!

The Terrain Machine has themes for terrain compatible with Star Wars Legion (32mm) or Warhammer 40K (28mm), or any other Sci-Fi games that fit in between, with many more themes to come. 

We have big plans for the Machine and we would really love your support in our Kickstarter project. We hope you'll consider backing the project and sharing it with your buddies. 

Watch this super short video to get a super under 2 minute rundown!