Large Temple Blueprint

This will serve as a blueprint on what you need to print for the Large Temple and some printing tips. This blueprint is also helpful for assembly if you purchased the printed variety.

  • 2x Corner Stairs A
  • 2x Corner Stairs B
  • 4x Middle Section A
  • 4x Middle Section B
  • 1x Temple - 2 Pieces
  • 1x Center Spacer

This is a huge piece!

Total Dimensions: 39cm x 43cm give or take. Steps on the corners have been modified to provide best stability for minis.

I'm currently printing these pieces at .3 Layer height, 6 Top Layer, no bottom layer. No bottom layer is something I'm toying around with to see how well it works and how much time it saves, on pieces like this a bottom layer is *probably* not necessary.