Large Temple Blueprint

This will serve as a blueprint on what you need to print for the Large Temple and some printing tips. This blueprint is also helpful for assembly if you purchased the printed variety.

  • 2x Corner Stairs A
  • 2x Corner Stairs B
  • 4x Middle Section A
  • 4x Middle Section B
  • 1x Temple - 2 Pieces
  • 1x Center Spacer

This is a huge piece!

Total Dimensions: 39cm x 43cm give or take. Steps on the corners have been modified to provide best stability for minis. With the change of the rules on the most recent update to the RRG, it's ok if the bases overhang edges as long as they are stable.

I'm currently printing these pieces at .3 Layer height, 6 Top Layer, no bottom layer. No bottom layer is something I'm toying around with to see how well it works and how much time it saves, on pieces like this a bottom layer is *probably* not necessary.