Mechanics Bay and House

The first of many to come....

I'm going to dive into a little bit of the creative process on how we have been doing things around here at IT when it comes to developing the terrain pieces. In the beginning it was pretty simple, grab an idea from some photos, kitbash some different concepts together, test it out in the modeling program, and BAM! you have some terrain.

Pretty scientific, eh? 

The Desert Home was exactly one of those pieces. I wanted to build something you could believe was out of one of the films, but would work with Legion. Naturally, once you have a nice small home, you need something with some height on it to add variety. After the home, IT had built a small enough following I felt I could put the concept shots of the tower up to ask for direction. You - the community, answered.

And yes, I still owe you guys that extension piece in the middle that adds some kind of gameplay value. After the tower, I believe the Vaporators were next. A design which came very quickly and easily, but proved to be a bit of an engineering challenge to print until I started figuring out snap-fit joints. The Urban Dwelling came along soon after, and to this day remains one of the models I am most proud of. There is nothing out there like it. 

Once orders started picking up and I knew I had created models people enjoyed, I felt comfortable stepping the creative design process up a notch. Bonafide concept artists. Which is where we are going with this Blog post. 

The first artist we collaborated with was lazar. Check out his artstation here. Here is the brief that was given to him before he started any work.

The brief: I am next going to build a series of Imperial Outpost buildings. Walls, Turrets, Buildings, etc. These are buildings that would be located in the mid/outer rim. They will be more outpost like in nature, less developed, simpler, versus a major stronghold. 
To help explain, the game I design the terrain for is played on a 3 ft x 6 ft table. My buildings cant be too large and need to be able to integrate into the game flow. They can integrate by having lots of large doors for the little units to move through, flat roofs and ways for units to get on top of the roofs (ladders, stairs , etc) and lots of options for cover for units.
I would like the first building to be an Imperial Communications building. Think Communication Antennas, Satellite Dishes, etc. The communications building I imagine being an old mechanics shop of some sort that the Imperials have taken over and mounted communications equipment to. Possibly a two story building to help get them an antenna or dish higher up in the air. It would have to have some power generators brought in as well to power the equipment and some computer equipment on the outside. 

lazar came up with over 13 rough sketches to capture the idea of what I presented him. Absolutely amazing! You will see more of the concepts he developed in future models to come. The first concept we decided to move forward with was the idea of an old mechanics shop. 

A nice simple bay with a large roof area that could be used for gameplay and would work really well on any part of the table. I still wanted to integrate some terrain pieces onto the roof but couldn't figure out the best blend. Back to the community I went and asked for your thoughts.
Magnets were the answer. Which is why you see so many magnet holes on top of the Mechanics Bay and even the House. Magnets provide an incredible amount of flexibility for terrain options on the roof(s) and do so quickly and inexpensively. With magnets however, comes the need for specialized magnet pieces of crates and antennae/radar dishes. Coming out over the next week, I'll be offering these new crates both in STL and Physical delivery.
Quick Note: Both lazar and I make a living off of this process, if you have any interest in using any of the photos in this post or other, please just reach out to for approval.