Meet Wasteland Scenics

Here is an interview article that we have wanted to do with Wasteland Scenics owner Dustan. Imperial Terrain is partnering with Wasteland on their terrain lines and look forward to many more projects together in the future.

What made you start Wasteland Scenics?

My brother and I started Wasteland Scenics to make game-mats. Shortly after that we had to stop production due to family and time constraints. I went on with the name to produce the SkrapLandz terrain set as a way to bolster funds to get us back to doing mats but we realized that digital sales were far less time consuming.

What made you think of SkrapLandz terrain?

When I started playing 40k and designing terrain, I always thought it would be super cool to do an orky type set. I had been working with Andrew Askedall on his WarLayer 4.0 project doing the fantasy side of things and my usual demo work. Once we finished up his Kickstarter I decided to take the leap and create my own set using his new system.   

What is special about the Skraplandz set?

It’s modular, easy to setup and super easy to paint. A lot of the time you'll see terrain sets that are either for RPG’s or Wargames… this set and Warlayer as a whole kinda fit in the middle of that.  

How was it designed to be used?

The set as a whole is designed to be easy to store, setup and takedown. It can be horizontally vast but also vertically significant. The sky it the limit and your printer will hate you. 

What do you like to do?

I like to paint, play games and make stuff. I spend a lot of time with my two boys and my wife. I have the privilege of being a stay-at-home-dad and my days mainly revolve around them.

What do you make? If it's digital, what tools do you use? Any painting examples?

Oh man I make all kinds of stuff, from cardboard houses and nerf firing ranges to scratch-built terrain and as you know, terrain for 3d printing. As for tools, I usually use Blender 3d but I’ve recently been learning Zbrush.

What motivates you?

Honestly I just get obsessed with an idea, it’s kinda like an itch and I can’t get it out of my head until I scratch it. Sometimes I fail and go on knowing that I’ve learned something and other times I succeed and push myself to do better still.

What games do you play?

I generally play Warhammer 40k (as Orks) or Battletech.

What’s your 40k Ork Army?

My orks are a little bit of every kultur (faction) atm… I often use my own minis to test new ideas or color schemes. 

What do you play mainly for Battletech? What scale? What ruleset? 

My battletech stuff is the same as my orks, tons of minis that are mostly different colors or mashed up with other bits. I play classic and I’m not sure of the scale, I just buy what I think looks cool… I really dig infantry, tanks and small mechs though.