Imperial Terrain + Panhandle 3d = DREAM TEAM

We are very excited to announce a physical terrain fulfillment partnership with Panhandle 3d, our longtime printing partner. 

Orders placed for physical terrain will now be produced and shipped by Panhandle 3d.

What?! Are you going out of business Dave?

Negative! We took a bit of a hit with COVID as all small businesses did but we're still designing and creating the best terrain around. We are however having to restructure the business operations and want to focus our limited time on the Terrain Machine (see below).

Will I still be able to order Imperial Terrain from your site?

Yes! We have a nifty automated order fulfillment process that will automagically transfer the order details to Panhandle 3d.

From your side of things, the ordering process, all communications, tracking numbers etc. will still be handled via Imperial Terrain. The only difference really is we won't be physically printing and shipping your terrain order. I've always valued transparency with our community, which is why we're being upfront about the changes in 2021.

Should I continue to expect high-quality prints?

Panhandle 3d has been a partner of ours since the very early days. We've worked closely with him throughout the years and we wouldn't have approached him with this partnership if we didn't have complete confidence in his operation. His Etsy store has tons of 5 star reviews and we would partner with no one else to take care of our direct orders.

Dave, are you & The Gov gonna be sipping blue milk by the pool now?!

Definitely not. Maybe you've heard about the little (BIG) project we've been working on over the past year, a little thing called The Terrain Machine. 

Not familiar with the Machine? Watch this video!

Lastly -- I'd be remiss if I didn't express just how thankful I am for your support over the years.

When I started designing terrain I really didn't think anyone would like it. But the community has been there to show me differently.

Thank you for trusting my little company to outfit your wargaming table with printed terrain over the years!