Refurbishment Doctrine + Landing Pad Update

Recently we had a lot of fun working on an update to the original landing pad. Over the years (yes, crazy it has been a few years now) we received many questions on how to assemble the original landing pad. We would answer them and send pictures when needed on how to assemble the terrain piece. After a while, one begins to think....why don't we just re-do it so it doesn't suck to assemble? Well, we finally did that. Lo and behold the Landing Pad Update!


The Landing Pad Towers themselves have been cleaned up for print optimization, the smaller pipes were removed that didn't print well and new details added. SERA Clip technology was integrated into the top of the towers which allows them to clip into the new Landing Pad Top pieces. There is a 100mm extension piece that sits in between two landing pad top pieces. They are connected by a simple engineered rail that is easy to insert. There are two different rail versions if you need one that is less snug.

There are also new large detail pipes that you can print off and glue together. Then glue these on the underside of the Platform to provide for a very stable and detailed platform.

While I was updating the files, I was know a lot of people have these files and really enjoy them, I have seen them at a few tournaments and many pictures from the community. I think it's the right thing to do to provide these a free upgrade to the current owners of the Landing Pad files, a way to say thank you for your customer loyalty and support throughout the years.

Done. Anyone who has ever bought the Landing Pad original STL files in any capacity will receive the files free. (Released today, July 10)

Don't have them? Check out the product page here. 

Need it printed? Check out the product page here.

Why don't we also do this semi-regularly for some of the old models in the inventory that lots of people have and would appreciate a nice refresh on?

OK, done as well!

We are calling this the Refurbishment Doctrine. There are many times in many conflicts where old and underutilized assets are given a fresh coat of paint and once again deployed to be used in battle. The plan will be every month or so depending on how busy we are modeling, we will send out a vote on what the community would like updated next. I will use some data to determine what the most popular, aged models are to give a list to make sure as many people as possible are included.

We will send out the survey in 2 mediums, Email and a Poll on the Imperial Terrain Facebook group to make sure we cover as many people as possible. We hope you guys like the idea and we are excited to get out the heavy machinery and rework some of the classics!