Releases for June 30th

Part of some of the feedback we received from the big survey we sent out was a cadence of regular updates. Coupled with that, in order to commit to some other fixes we identified moving forward, we are going to start a regular release cadence.

Begin looking forward to releases every other week on Saturdays.

Even if there aren't new files or bundles, I will post an update on what we are currently working on.

This release includes:

STL Files:

Garage Expansion for the Modular Landing Bay

Syllogys Wrecked Urban Bundle

Physical Prints:

Garage Expansion - We are offering the Garage by itself, a half bundle, and a full bundle. We know a lot of you folks have varied sizes of Landing Bay's and this is a great way to augment what you have.

Battle Kiwi Battle Box - The good folks at Battle Kiwi shipped us a new round of products and in that beautiful package came the new Battle Box for organizing all of your stuff. Take a peek and see if its to your liking.

Now that Garage Expansion is knocked out, I will be turning my attention to the Imperial themed Modular Storage Depot. I have also been working along with the boss on creating a terrain lab. I will use the terrain lab for larger scale product photos to show larger sets in action. I will also be getting action shots of local games we are playing and more hobbying tutorials on the terrain.

We have invited a few stellar guest bloggers to come discuss and work on a ton of great hobbying content for printed and scratch builds.