Terrain Awards Winner Intrvw Pt 2

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Q: What was your total time on the build and what took the longest?

A: I believe I started this build just shy of a year ago. It hasn’t been in constant progress for that long as there was lots of downtime waiting for materials, terrain prints etc, but it has been a long time coming.
Building up the core of the table was the longest. Building the modular frames and trimming away the foam to the right shape and height was a lengthy process, especially after my foam cutter broke and I had to resort to a bread knife. Once the panel construction and foam was done the build was actually incredibly fast, with mud texture (Sculptamould), Terrain fastening and painting only taking a matter of hours.

You can see a step by step process of the entire build highlighted on my Instagram profile page.

Q: Now that it is all complete, what part(s) are you most proud of?

A: I love how well the main encampment sections (the middle of the board) turned out. The trenches lined with mud, sunken cables, walkway panels and some puddles (poured from resin) look almost real, and the Command Tents surrounded by scattered crates and lit with flashing red lights from the communication antennae and power generators feels straight from the film.

Q: What are some of your required hobbying tools?

A: For terrain building if you plan to use foam a good quality foam cutter is an absolute must. I broke 3 cheap ones (and had to wait two weeks in between for a new one) on this build, whereas if I’d spent the money at the start I would’ve been done much faster and easier.
Otherwise this was all done with cheap brushes, hacksaws.

Q: What's a good foam cutter in your opinion?

A: From my experience you get what you pay for, so are better going with reputable hobbying brands like Woodland Scenics or art store brands.
In saying that there are a variety of foam cutters for different uses, so make sure you think about your intended use before jumping in. For example I had foam about 30cm thick, so I needed a “wand” style cutter.

Big thanks to Bryce for taking some time to answer our Q& A. Look forward to another Terrain Awards Winner Blog post!