The Imperial with a heart

What??? An Imperial with a heart? Yes there are a few of us out there. What do I mean by that? I have launched the first free STL on thingiverse with some more to come.

Hasty Defense Position STL

Star Wars Legion Hasty Defenses

The wall was a random idea I had while flying out on a quick vacation with the President of Imperial Terrain (wife) to Arizona. To be honest I thought the included barriers were a little weak. I could see them being on an Imperial Base or something for vehicle / traffic control. What about those situations in an Mid-Rim or Outer-Rim backwater planet? Whether you are the Imps or the Rebs you are going to have to creative with your defenses and get something together quick when your Intelligence assets identify incoming enemy forces.


When you know the Imp's are arriving at your location imminently to try to push you off your objective, you grab everything in site to provide blaster cover. Your squads survival on the objective until reinforcements from the other side of town can arrive on the repulsor vehicles is critical.

This file is just a small sample. I will make 2-3 different variations all with bases and these will be bundled up as a product. Since the one above was essentially a 3d kit bashing of multiple assets I had already created I thought I would love to see these as the standard for barriers in scenarios across the galaxy.

Have ideas for more stuff to see? Throw it up in the Facebook group and see if others are interested as well.

Still on the docket:

  • Smugglers Ship (Hope to have at Adepticon)
  • Imperial Landing Pad (Hope to have at Adepticon)
  • Desert Tower Extension
  • Additional Species heads for Mini's

Finished recently:

  • ISB Communication Dish Variant (Available as STL now, coming to physical soon)
  • Imperial Bunker Entrance (Pre-order physical available, STL available)
  • Crashed Escape Pod