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Building an LVO Table

I wanted to post some details on the recently released LVO table that the LVO team has posted on Facebook. 

Table Components:

This table took about a week to build of many 4-5 hour days. I will break out some individual components down the road for some tutorials. Here are some broad takeaways in my thought process.

Breaking the mold

A big part of this build was learning how to break out from the typical "desert" look and feel of the Freeman Stash buildings as they were going to be the core component of this build. I realized I wanted to break up the standard shape of the buildings and I did so with modeling compound or 3d printed terrain pieces as foundations to give them additional elevation.

 Blending with the mat

A key part of immersion when building my tables is trying me best to blend the pieces into the mat. I typically don't use bases and have to get creative with ways to avoid a stark contrast. For this table I attempted to pull some of the oranges, greens, and browns from the mat up into the structures. I relied heavily on the airbrush to help make this a gradual blend from the base of the structure or 3d printed base.

Kit Bashing

As I get more comfortable and skilled utilizing some kit bashing techniques the more I love it. Ensuring the scale of the kitbashed parts is key as well as the detail. I prefer not to use FDM printed bits, and pull parts from random kits, typically Bandai. We are working on our own line of highly detailed, resin printed bits to up the ante.

Apologize for the shortness of the post but I have more tables to build for LVO and will catch up after the rush is complete with more 3d printed terrain tutorials and Youtubez.

If you are interested in ordering all of the components for this table as a bundle, drop me a line through the contact page.