Wanted to push out an update and let everyone know what we've been working on over the last few weeks, whats been released and any updated files.

File Updates:

  • Hollow Mechanics House Base (Save on Filament)
  • Desert Bundle v1.7 includes new Vaporator body design & Urban Dwelling V2

New Releases:

  • Perits Slicer Dish - This piece is designed to be an objective marker for your Legion scenario's. We are working on an Imperial Version as well. They also make for cool scatter terrain on top of buildings and/or around the battlefield.
  • Builder's Kit 1 - For those kitbashers / DIY folks who want to add some detail to their home made terrain pieces this is for you.
  • Urban Dwelling V2 & + - A new design for the Urban Dwelling is out, uses same roof so no worries there. The "+" variant is available for pre-order and will be out before months end. Head over and check them out to add flavor/variety to your board.

What's Coming:

  • Smugglers Ship
  • Imperial Landing Platform
  • Small Corners / Endcaps for Modular Landing Bay
  • Scarif style scatter terrain
  • Escape Pods