Version 2

After the first round of beta testing for the modular terrain, we have made some significant changes to the base models.  A lot of the feedback involved the connector interface and its durability.  We attacked that problem in a few different ways, by changing the type of plastic we use to print which enables the pieces to be much more durable and flexible, something important for a male/female style of connector that while not subject to a ton of stress gets utilized often.  

We also noticed that for tabletop games like Warhammer , the smaller modular pieces weren't very effective/easy.  In the future we will move towards two broad areas of 3d printed terrain products, one the modular type, and the second for larger non-modular terrain.

We feel for games that are in the Star Wars RPG universe, Infinity, Starfinder, etc that the modular sci-fi pieces will work very well.  Those types of games fit that type of terrain perfectly.  For larger, faster paced games such as 40k, or the upcoming Star Wars Legion, a combination of both the modular pieces and non-modular will be awesome.

The new designs for V2 are getting much more detail.  Why?  Well because we have evolved our 3d modeling tools, now we use Fusion 360 which is a much more powerful modelling tool than the previous web based modeller.  In the new "tavern door" piece, you can immediately tell what is possible.  The more skilled we become with Fusion 360, the faster we are able to spin out new pieces.


Shortly we will have increased production capacity, i.e., more printers. This will allow us to get the long back log of beta kits out the door relatively quickly and allow us to build on demand any pieces that are ordered. We don't keep any inventory and prefer to build on demand. We think the future will be for anyone to choose which specific pieces they want per kit so there will be a ton of customizability for players kits and keep the players happy.