Vando's Train Update!

First things first, lets talk about what the heck is going on with Vando's Train. Well...the base set of files is actually available now for you to 3d print at home and create some unique analog style scifi terrain for your board.


Correct! I thought we were doing a Kickstarter too, but as I famously do (you can ask the systems governor) I piled on too much stuff at once and in order not to delay the launch of the files indefinitely, I decided to release them as a normal bundle of STL files. I do need to say I couldn't have finished the core set of files without the help of one of our team members Dennis. He was instrumental in early car designs, mechanical components and the tracks.

So, what comes with it Dave?

All of the files and models that we had planned to release as the core set of files, which includes the Modular Engine:

The Flatbed car:

and the Boxcar:

Also the Track files are included. You are getting three large car files and tracks to move them along all in the bundle. The engine and cars were also designed in such away that we can release upgrades and future iterations of designs quite easily. I already have a few started and based on customer demand and requests we will see about releasing more cars down the line.

Each of the cars connect to each other in a similar fashion to how old school train cars connect, via a simple pin that drops down from the top. The wheels themselves don't "roll" but you can glide the train along the tracks with an easy push. I recommend gluing any tracks down onto a base (simple MDF or the like) so that it is stable and you can move the train along the tracks during gameplay for a little added spice!

Here's a cool piece of art we had generated up for the Kickstarter: