Working on Non Modular

Hey folks,

Wanted to put out a quick update on what the team and I have been working on over the last few weeks.  We are picking up steam when we have time on more 40k esque terrain pieces, and are actually currently printing a very high resolution (.15 layer height) version of our outpost we are currently calling the communication outpost.  This will be a great piece of terrain for any wargaming table. We will post some updated pictures of that piece once we get it primed and actually painted up to a decent level of quality.

Look for that model .STL to be available over the next few weeks, it will have a large roof and a door with built in hinges that can open/close.

We also have additional printing capacity coming online with another Prusa printer being delivered very shortly so we can build/test much faster and produce for those that order physical pieces through us.

In the near term future we will be working on some concepts for Star Wars Legion, and begin grabbing feedback from those pieces to refine before that tabletop game comes out later in the year.  Check it out if you havent seen it and are into Star Wars.

Also with the additional printing capacity coming online we will be able to send out a few more test kits and print those kits at higher resolution so we can get some awesome painted examples flowing on the instragram.

That about wraps it up, more modular terrain coming as well, some Warhammer 40k themed pieces and some Star Wars Legion terrain as well.