Easy Tree Clusters

Alright let’s build some tree clusters! Here’s what you’ll need to build them using this method. Get yourself a piece of thin foam board, your desired trees from your local craft store, brown paint (I’ve used house paint), dimensional craft paste, mod podge, and underbrush material.

The first thing I wanted to do was place my trees on the foam board and arrange them with the desired spacing. Then I drew a line defining the edge of the base and cut it out.

At this point, I glued the trees to the foam board base so that the hard plastic edges could be concealed and softened by the craft paste in the next step, but you could wait until the end to glue on your trees so you’re not working around them. I also cut round pieces of foam board and added them in to look like hills.

Next, you’ll want to spread your dimensional craft paste all over your base and around your tree bases. You’ll also want to spread the craft paste across the edges of the foam board to seal it and for a good aesthetic finish. I just used a butter knife to spread on the paste and it cleaned up easily with hot water, but if you’re not willing to risk your silverware a popsicle stick would do. Let the paste dry thoroughly before continuing.

Finally, you’ll want to paint the bases and let dry thoroughly.

To add some flare you can cut up some underbrush material so that it ranges from very fine to some larger coarse pieces. Next, in smaller sections of the base place mod podge liberally. Don’t worry about overdoing it since it dries clear and more is better when you’re trying to get the bigger pieces to STICK. Then, sprinkle on your brush and repeat until you have the desired level of coverage.

And Here’s the final product.