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Landing Pad

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This product is for a Single Landing Pad, as seen in the second and third pictures. The fourth pictures is quantity 2, and in the first picture is a 4 landing pad configuration finished by Imperial Terrain Ally Shaun.

Another piece asked for by the community and finally here. The landing pad is a true center piece for your gaming table. At over 190mm tall, it blocks line of sight for the tallest vehicles and enables any units on top of it ranged dominance across the game board.

A ladder is on one side of the base, allowing minis access to the top of the platform, as well as a small door. This door can be utilized as an elevator entrance to the top deck. I will release a 2nd version of the pad top with what looks like an elevator opening as if it came out of the floor.

When you purchase 2x Landing Pads as seen in the third picture, you will get an extension set. Extension set expands size of the Landing Pad an additional 10cm.

The Landing Pad includes:

  • 1x Landing Pad Base
  • 1x Landing Pad "Top" (The big flat part)
  • 1x Landing Pad Detail Support
  • Landing Pad Extension Set (If 2x Landing Pads are purchased)


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    • What are the dimensions of the landing pad area, with four parts? Asking as I have a range of ship to park there.

      Four Landing Pad configuration would measure 14" across x 19" long.

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