Imperial Terrain

Scatter Terrain Bundle

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Here is the Imperial Terrain version of scatter terrain. Perfectly sized height terrain that aligns to game rules with miniatures height. Each wall section varies from 28-35mm and can be interpreted as stone for heavy cover. It could also be agreed upon that its not the sturdiest of stone so maybe only light cover. Trooper movement across the wall obstacles would be difficult. These are low enough not to hinder Ground Vehicle or Repulsorlift vehicle movement.

Light basing is included on every piece allowing for easy hobbying. Spray some textured paint on the bases , quick coat of drybush followed with application of your favorite tufts.

The Bundle Includes 5 unique pieces:

- 1x Wrecked Straight Section

- 1x Wrecked T section

- 1x Wrecked L section

- 1x Barricade A

- 1x Barricade B

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