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Intergalactic commerce runs the galaxy, and nothing is more symbolic of galactic commerce than shipping containers. Presenting the new cargo container offering from Imperial Terrain. These are specifically designed to break up line of sight across your gaming table. Use as obstacles, vantage points to increase line of sight, or items to decorate your Landing Bay.

4x Distinct designs from Galactically renowned manufacturing companies such as the Corellian Shipyards, SoroSuub Container Manufacturing Conglomerate, Mitrinomon Jet Pack Shipper, and an old throwback to the clone wars.

Included in the pack:

  • 1x Corellian Shipyards Container (180mm length x 60mm width) 
  • 1x SoroSuub Container (110mm length x 60mm width) 
  • 1x Mitrinomon Shipper (100mm length x 40mm width) 
  • 1x Clone War Original (100mm length x 40mm width)

Prep and paint Product Tutorial.

*Miniatures in the product photos are from the Star Wars™: Legion™ tabletop wargame are not included and used only for scale demonstration.

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