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Cargo Platform 2.0 Expansion Pack

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The Cargo Platform 2.0 Expansion is designed in mind to augment the Cargo Platform 2.0 Core Bundle.

The Expansion Pack contains 4x the blocks, which are the primary pieces used to construct your Cargo Platform. Each Block is 130mm x130mm and has 8x Total OpenLOCK slots for connecting other CP Blocks, Facades, or Ramps. It also contains a set of ramps to connect to the blocks which allow for easy access of any units to the higher block level.

Set of 4x Blocks for the Cargo Platform 2.0, each one of the blocks had a different design. Set of 2x Ramps (Left & Right). Comes with 20x OpenLOCK Clips.

  • 1x Door Block
  • 1x Drain Block
  • 1x Pipe Block
  • 1x Regular Block
  • 1x Left Side Ramp
  • 1x Right Side Ramp

Each block measures:

  • Height: 1.25
  • Length: 5.1 inches
  • Width: 5.1 inches


      *Miniatures in the product photos are from the Star Wars™: Legion™ tabletop wargame are not included and used only for scale demonstration.


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