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Inspector's Office for Landing Bay

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The Inspector's Corner Office is one of the most detailed pieces from Imperial Terrain yet. We designed it to be very flexible in its use on the game table. The Inspector's Office can be part of the modular Landing Bay, when used with its add-on wall (Included). This gives it the 90 degree corner needed for integration into the modular bay shape (as seen in the pictures).

Since it is a larger building, we wanted wargamers to be able to re-use the building in different scenarios where they may not want to play with the full Landing Bay.

Just slide the add-on wall off the side and you now have a stand-alone structure to use in your gaming scenario.

The roof is removable, and every one of the 3 doors slides vertically in and out.

*Some of the photos include Modular Landing Bay expansion pieces to demonstrate how the Office integrates in with the Landing Bay, they are not included with the purchase of the Inspector's Office.


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  • What is the measurements for Inspector’s Office?

    195mm x 189mm x 97mm without the extension side piece.

  • Will there be a STL version for buy?

    It comes in the Modular Landing Bay set of files for $10 along with the whole landing bay collection.

  • Is the speeder in the background of photo 2 something you plan to produce? I need speeders for my table.

    We can make our own unique version, I wont be able to reproduce anything from the films however.

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