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Landing Pad Set

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Overall Dimensions

24'' x 7'' x 7.5'' in
609.6 x 177.8 x 177.8 mm

Military Bundle


The Landing Pad is a true centerpiece for your gaming table.

At over 170mm tall and 610mm long, it blocks line of sight for the tallest vehicles and enables any units on top of it ranged dominance across the board.

There are lift doors at the bottom of the towers if you would like to homebrew rules for units to reach the top landing platform that may not have any kind of high tech jump pack technology or the ability to bound vertically.

The Landing Pad Core Set includes:

  • 2x Landing Pad Towers (The tall part)
  • 2x Landing Pad "Top" (The big flat part)
  • 1x Extension (100mm)
  • 8x SERA clips
  • 2x Rails

The Pipe Pack Add-On includes:

  • 6x big pipes (5.75''L x .75''D x .75''H)

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