Imperial Terrain

Small Imperial Supply Depot

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Overall Dimensions

12.5 x 7.5 x 3 in
317.5 x 190.5 x 76.2 mm

Military Bundle


The Small Imperial Supply Depot is the smaller brother to the standard supply warehouse utilized by Empires across the stars. The highly modular nature of these structures allow multiples to be connected together or reconfigured quickly.

With four doorways, access for supply lifts and personnel to the interior is simple. A removable roof system also contributes to the ease of access to the interior of the structure. The roof panels attach via 8mm x 3mm magnets (sold separately). Two ladders are on each side of the main body to allow units to move onto the roof surface.

A Small Supply Building and Generator are included to utilize on the flat roof surface. The Small Supply Building has a built in ladder, allowing for a small group of units to attain a better view of the battlefield.


  • 2x Small Supply Depot Bodies
  • 2x Small Supply Depot Roof pieces
  • 1x Generator
  • 1x Small Supply Building
  • 4x OpenLOCK Clips


*Miniatures in the product photos are from the Star Wars™: Legion™ tabletop wargame are not included and used only for scale demonstration.

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