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SS-2 Version 2 Shuttle

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Overall Dimensions

10.25 x 6.5 x 6 in
260.35 x 165.1 x 152.4 mm


The SS-2 Version 2 Shuttle took the original design and opened it up to allow players to choose whether they wanted to lower the cargo doors and create a detailed play through interior or keep the cargo doors closed and the roof on as a parked spaceship.

These updates increase the replayability of this once static scatter terrain piece. Simon helped us out a ton on this project to update the aging design and did a great job on the interior detail as well as the mechanics of the doors. Assembly is easy as well with slotted connectors for the major components. Watch the video for additional help.

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  • Does the shuttle have landing gear? Or does it sit on its underside?

    Great question! It has landing gear that is separate, you can choose to attach them or leave them off.

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