Desert Standard Bundle



We built the Desert Standard Bundle to be the perfect compliment for skirmishes on board sizes of 6' x 3'. This is a simple tactical analysis of a single terrain deployment method.


  • 32mm Scale Terrain
  • Designed for Wargaming & 3D Printing
  • Played with Star Wars™: Legion - 40K - Infinity
  • Custom Scales available - Contact Us

In "standard" matches, units are typically deployed traditionally along the edges of the playing field, as depicted here. However, in some games certain deployment condition cards can influence deployment zones. We deployed the terrain in this example to demonstrate the volume of terrain and its map coverage as well as the tactical benefits.

Points to consider:

  • Larger battlefield can play wide variety of army sizes including all vehicles
  • Victory Conditions (Objectives / Complete Annihiliation / Etc)

POINT A: Desert Tower - Critical Center of Map LOS break / Trooper Protection

POINT B: Urban Dwelling - OBJ Location, Elevated Postion for Troopers

POINT C: Mechanics House - Key LOS Blocker / OBJ Location / Elevated Position

POINT D: Blue Player Battle Lines - Access to 4 Positions

POINT E: Red Player Battle Lines - Access to 4 Positions


What's Included:

  • 1x Small Desert Home
  • 1x Desert Urban Dwelling
  • 1x Desert Tower
  • 1x Set of Cargo Pallets (4 total pieces as seen on Battle Map)
  • 1x Mechanics House
  • 1x Set of Cargo Containers (4 total pieces as seen on Battle Map)
  • 2x Ladders