Imperial Terrain FAQ Version 1.2

Q: What magnets should I use with the terrain pieces?

8mm x 3mm. Here is a link to some on Amazon.

Q: Do you do custom sizes for Star Wars Miniatures Battles or 28mm Star Wars RPG?

A: Yes, we have done this for customers and have the files prepped and ready. Reach out to dave@imperialterrain.com and ask for pricing.

Q: Can I buy the Imperial Terrain Files and re-sell them?

A: No. Please read the license agreement. We currently have printers across the globe helping us fulfill demand. Dave will discuss wholesale terms or printing terms with Local Game Stores, however.

Q: Are you OpenLOCK licensed?

A: Yes, we are 100% BSD Licensed for OpenLOCK. Click here to view our license.

Q: How long does an order take to ship?

A: On average our orders ship within 10 business days of ordering. We make all the Terrain in-house on our own printers. Rarely, on a case by case basis, we can make exceptions, please contact dave@imperialterrain.com.

Q: I bought the "All the Terrain" package, how do I get the files?

A: When you complete checkout you will be presented on the checkout page with a download link button as well as receive an email with a order confirmation and download link.

Q: I bought the "All the Terrain" package, how do I know about updates?

A: When I update the package / zip file, the automated system will send out an email update with a download link notifying you of the update. If you aren't receiving any update emails, check your junk folder.

Q: Do I need to use supports when printing the files?

A: I design all the files to not need supports. Even if it looks like it needs them (arches, etc) you still don't need them :). Make sure your printer is tuned and that your bridging settings are locked in and you'll be fine. Potentially, you will need to use a hobby knife to clean up a few loose threads.

Q: What are the best settings to print with?

A: I print all the production pieces at .2 layer height with 2 perimeters. All files should be clean in the slicer, if you notice any oddities let dave know @ dave@imperialterrain.com