Print License Terms Overview

Year: 2021

Here is a list of the current terms for the 2021 Imperial Terrain Print License.

  • Annual License beginning on date of signature
  • Monthly royalty payment of $65, paid on the 1st of every calendar month to Imperial Terrain via automatic draft
  • Set your own pricing
  • Your company name and web address on Partners Page
  • STL File prices are discounted at 50%; You are provided with a unique coupon code.
  • Where you sell depends upon the agreement terms, examples being your own website, ebay, etsy, etc.
  • Licensees should use their own product photos to accurately represent the quality of the printed product they are selling
  • License covers Imperial Terrain models only (Includes Cochin Industrial Kickstarter Models). Does not include Jesus Labiano, Wasteland Scenics or Hardware Studios
    • If you wish to license designs that are not owned by Imperial Terrain, Imperial Terrain can put you into contact with those designers.

Interested parties please send an email to, with the following details:

Business Name & Address, Business owners' name (Signature Authority), How you plan on selling prints (Etsy, Ebay, Website, Convention, etc) and any relevant web addresses (Link to any stores).