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Freeman's Stash Building B

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Overall Dimensions

9 x 6.5 x 3 in
228.6 x 165.1 x 76.2 mm

Desert Bundle


"There was an old smuggler who lived out past the city boundaries. Over time he built a small settlement and everyone that knew him called it Freeman's Stash, we figured he was up to no good out there. More than likely storing weapons and high end communication equipment to sell to the highest bidder." - Local Informant

The Freeman's Stash set is the evolution of our terrain design. 

This structure features a large front removable door that provides ample space for units to duck inside into cover. A rear door provides flow through either side of the structure. Ladders adorn the walls, one on the front of the structure and one on the side. Utilizing the same roof as Structure A, it comes with no details attached allowing you to place your greebles where you see fit.

Other buildings in the set fit a similar aesthetic and are compatible with each other for interesting terrain combinations and layouts to increase replay-ability.

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