Imperial Terrain

ISB Upgrade Package


There are times in combat when soldiers on the ground have to adapt to survive. Recent rise in rebel activity and targeting of our mounted forces has pushed the ISB to react, and react they did. ISB engineers re-tooled and upgraded the stock blaster cannons, equipped advanced sensor arrays and added additional armor to increase lethality and survivability.

Included in your 3d Resin Printed upgrade kit:

  • 2x Upgraded Laser Cannons
  • 2x Rotary Blasters
  • 2x Side Armor Upgrades, w/ alternative Command and Control Variants
  • 1x Missle Pack
  • 1x Sensors Array
  • 1x Spotlight
  • 1x Glacis Up Armored Section

Made and shipped from the USA only. Not eligible for discounted international shipping.

Parts come un-painted ready for you to hobby on.

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  • Does the kit include any cards or stats for the newer parts or is it more for a cosmetic appeal?

    No new stat cards, this set is primarily for cosmetic appeal.

  • Do you guys plan on ever selling the STL files for this?

    We do not. Reason being is that the author of the files, TTG, has requested that we do not sell the files and we stand by our modeling team.