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Imperial Terrain

Landing Hub Crowdfunding
Digital STL Files

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Disclaimer: Purchase of Digital Files are final and not returnable or refundable. Print times and filament usage will vary based on, but not limited to, individual printers, settings, tuning and/or environmental conditions.


Hey everyone, we are going to try out something new with our very own crowdfunding project for the first release of the super modular Landing Hub theme! Here are the details:
  • If we reach $1000 within the next 2 weeks, everyone who Pre-Orders will receive the Landing Hub Basic set (Over 24 files).
  • If we raise over $1000, we will begin to unlock the mini stretch goals from $1k to the cap of $2k. (What are the stretch goals Dave? Scroll Down to check them out!)
  • At $2k raised, the Crowdfunding project will be closed and we will not allow any additional Pre-Orders for this phase of the Landing Hub.
  • At the close of the Crowdfunding Campaign, everyone who has a Pre-Order purchased will receive the Basic Set of STL Files that day.

What's in the Landing Hub Basic Set? Everything below (Except the stretch goals of course)

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