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Mechanic's Bay


When that X-34 Landspeeder breaks down and you have to get to a real shop past Anchorhead or even on Nar Shadaa, take it in to your local Mechanic's Bay.

The Bay has an opening of over 230mm, quite the span which has been solved with some clever engineering. It also has 8x, 9mmx3.5mm magnet holes on the top of its roof. This will allow you to use magnet integrated scatter terrain on the roof without worrying about permanently gluing or having something printed there.

We designed this piece to be as open as possible allowing for gameplay options on top of the roof as well as below, inside the bay.

Assembly is easy, just needing to super glue the struts into the roof. Prep and paint as normal.

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  • What's the height of the bay opening (e.g. what's the max height of units that can fit inside)?

    The height opening is 2 - 3/4". The roof is removable for you to "open it up" during gameplay but this negates the usability of the roof at the same time. If you have any ideas, let me know, I'm always keen on making new pieces.