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MK88 Defense Platform

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Low Orbit Defense Platforms are in high demand, and the MK88 fits the bill. Designed with modularity and flexibility in mind, this 3d printed terrain piece fits in great on any sci-fi wargame table. Comprised of 8 separate pieces and 2 doors, its a significant amount of plastic.

Vertically stacking components use small thick nubs to ensure pieces stacked on top of each other dont move but are durable. The rear panels attach via 8mm x 1mm magnets (sold separately).

With this single Defense Platform you can have one large platform or break it down into two separate smaller Defense Platform terrain pieces. Each with ladders on the rear and doorways on the 2nd floor for access to the interior.

The Defense Platform is also compatible with past and future wall sets. It is scaled for 32mm miniatures, used in games like 40k, Killteam or Star Wars™: Legion. If you need a custom scale, please use the contact us form and we can accommodate custom orders.

  • Base - 4in Tall x 7in x 6.5in
  • 2nd Story - 4in Tall x 6in x 6.5in
  • Laser Turret - 6in x 6in x 3.5in
  • Rear Panels - 4in x 7in
  • 2x Seperate Recon Decks
  • Turret Top

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  • 2 questions: How heavy is the printed defense platform. How expensive are the shipping costs to germany.

    We offer cost effective local shipping options within the EU and UK. Simply select that as an option during checkout and we'll handle coordination with our Germamy partner. Please see the FAQs for additional details "Do you have an EU/UK local distributor?"

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