Imperial Terrain

Objective Communication Dishes


UPDATED 3/15 - Now includes Imperial Security Bureau variant. 

Backstory for ISB Dish: We have recently detected the ISB deploying Covert Communication Arrays, typically they are seen deployed in triplet for network uplink consistency. Self-powered and deployed via cargo shuttle, any Imperial commander feels comfort when his forward troops can communicate with orbiting Imperial Navy Assets.

Backstory for Perit's Dish: Scrupulous organizations across the galaxy need the capability to communicate off of the Imperial Communications network. This communication backbone is critical to criminal organizations, private businesses, and the Alliance across the galaxy. A custom designed Communications Dish and controller unit are capable of working remotely with custom designed power cores. Perit's custom design works best for ground unit to ship communications that you don't want eavesdropped on.

Includes 3 Models that need assembly. If purchasing the Perit's Variant, Glue dish halves together and snap into ball joint. Light sanding on inside of dish will make for smooth dish surface.

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  • I'm wondering which dish(ISB or Perit's) is the curved one with computer terminal? Please let me know so I order the right set, thank you.

    The curved dish is the Perit's Dish. Thanks for asking so I can clarify!