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Welcome to Rando's Market....

Looking for the STL's?

On every back country planet in any game system, there is the most crooked, vile, and charismatic little alien. This alien runs a wonderful shop with mechanical wonders, ship parts, and tons of junk. Imperial Terrain's homegrown little peddler is the one and only Rando. Rando runs his Market and Market stalls to try to rip off as many travelers and the naive as possible, day in and day out.

Thankfully, his Market and the stalls provide an awesome certain piece for any game board. Designed for 30-34mm gaming, the Market itself has working built in doors, a large roof area with ladder access and tons of detail.

The archways can be used as a pair or singularly on either side of the main building and provide a significant height advantage to any units who run along their tops.

The Market Archways can be hobbied with a little love and fabric to build market stalls that provide LOS blocking or even cover opportunities for infantry units.

Included in this Bundle:

  • Rando's Market Main building
  • Rando's Market Roof
  • 2x Rando's Market Side Archway
  • 1x Rando's Market Arches


Main Structure - 5" Tall x 9" Deep x 7" Wide

Each Archway - 4.5" Tall x 6" x 2.5"

Market Arches (Each) -  3" Tall x 6" x 5"

Dustan was a huge, massive help on this project. Please feel free to thank him in the group, his addition to the team has added incredible value and you will see his dedication to the quality of his work in these prints.

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  • Is the roof removable?

    The roof is removable.

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