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Smuggler's Stash Bundle

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Desert Bundle


"There was an old smuggler who lived out past the city boundaries. Over time he built a small settlement and everyone that knew him called it the Smuggler's Stash, we figured he was up to no good out there. More than likely storing weapons and high end communication equipment to sell to the highest bidder." - Local Informant

The Smuggler's Stash set is the latest evolution of our ~32mm terrain design. The full Smuggler's Stash™ is comprised of:

  • Structure A
  • Structure B
  • Small House
  • Bridges
  • Greebles
  • Archway
  • Greebles are printed separately and be placed wherever you like while painting/hobbying the terrain. The structures have ladders designed into the wall, 2 a piece to allow for an easily accessible second floor/roof. The Small House is designed to fit on the roofs or on the ground. The Archway can be used in many places to connect the structures and provide a rooftop walkway.

    Other buildings in the set fit a similar aesthetic and are compatible with each other for interesting terrain combinations and layouts to increase replayability. This set works great for many game systems, from roleplaying games to tabletop wargaming. We primarily play it with Star Wars Legion, or have it scaled down for Edge of the Empire.

    *Miniatures not included.

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