Join the Commission!

COMPNTOR is the Commission for the Preservation of the New Terrain Order or “The Commission” for short.

A monthly membership plan for Terrain STL’s, exclusive Alt Scultps from Skull Forge Studios, Discounts, Early Access to Beta Files, Tutorials, and Table Diagrams.

Monthly delivery of a premier Set of STL files worth at least $15. An STL lootcrate!

Monthly delivery of a premier Set of STL files worth at least $15. An STL lootcrate!

of the Commission

  • Early Access to new Primary Set of Files
    (Minimum of $10 Value)
  • Early Access to new Supplementary Files
    (Minimum of $5 Value)
  • 20% Discount Code, Unlimited use for any STL file(s)
  • Access to the Commission Databanks
    (Tutorials, Table Builds, Video Content)
  • Access to Early Beta Releases
  • Access to a monthly Skull Forge Studios Alternative Sculpt/s - STL's or Printed
    • Exclusive pricing on Printed Sculpts

Select Subscription Tier

Access to the Databank

All members of the commission will have access to Commission first content from the Commission’s Databanks.

Tutorials on terrain builds, including custom pieces Dave has built
Table overviews
Video Tutorials
Printer Settings, Configurations, and Printing Tips

Alternative Sculpt Miniature STL's from Skull Forge Studios
and Special Pricing on Printed Sculpts

Questions and Answers

How do I get notified when new files are ready for download?

The Commission will email you once a month to notify you of when the latest push of new content has been completed.

If I sign up for the commission do I get access to all the Imperial Terrain files?

You will only receive access to the chosen files for the months you are an active member. Unfortunately, it would be impossible for Imperial Terrain to offer all their files for one monthly fee. All tiers of membership receive a storewide discount.

Are the files that are released to members of the commission exclusive?

No, members of the commission get early access to the files before they are released for sale and do not have to pay for them, they are included in their monthly subscription cost. The dollar value of the files will be greater than the monthly subscription (You get more bang for your buck).

When will I be billed for my subscription?

New Subscribers are billed the day they sign up. You will get immediate access to that months Commission STL files and Databank access. Billing should then occur on the 1st of the month for each month you are subscribed.

How can I know when there are updates without getting spammed with email?

We will regularly update our Facebook and Instagram accounts with notifications on new material releases. Once a month you will also receive an update on what was released content wise for the previous month.