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TTG - Gepard Class Dropship - 6MM for Battletech

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The Gepard is a modernization of the durable and deadly Leopard-class aerodyne dropship. Here reproduced in 1/300 (mech) scale and compatible with Battletech or any other 6mm science fiction wargame, this dropship requires minimal assembly and features a separate turret printed in resin.

Printed at .15 resolution on FDM Printers for the Body/Wings. Turret printed on SLA High Detail Resin. These models are printed at very high levels of quality, however due to the printing process there will be very slight print lines present. The models are not delivered painted.

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  • Can you email me when the Gepard is back in stock?

    Shoot me an email to and I'll add you to the list!


  • Hi, would it be possible to get the Gepard Class Dropship in mapscale? (It would have to be 50 - 60mm long) regards Christian

    I believe Dale is working on this as an upcoming product, we have some big things coming within the next month!

  • javascript:void(0)Will this be available as .STL file soon?

    This is up to TTG the Owner of the Model


  • What layer height are these printed in?

    I run these at .15 with 2 Perimeters.

  • I recently purchased one of these amazing dropships (June 13th) and I can't wait to get it for my gaming. Will production/printing start soon? About how much time can we expect from order to doorstep?

    We have shipped the first wave and starting on the second, now that production is ironed out and we are full steam will be between 1-2 weeks for delivery from order. I'll shoot you an email with an update to yours specifically.

  • When will the tutorial for this product be available to view?

    TTG is working on it now (6/26) and we expect to post it within a week.

  • I'm specticle about the size, base on scale with 6mm Battletech. I see the picture with the Stalker and 8.6" long seems short. Will you be able to increase it to maybe 12" long?

    The Gepard was scaled to 1:300 at a 66 meter length and 51 meter width and voila those are the dimensions of the model.

  • Do you have any unpainted pictures of this model? I am interested in purchasing two of these but I am concerned about the "slight print lines" and how they would effect my ability to paint the ships.

    I do and will be updating them shortly, TTG is working on a tutorial for the product as well.

  • Will this item be coming back into stock soon or was it a limited production run?

    We opened up more pre-orders today. It is a very popular item and we are trying to ensure the lead times don't get too long!

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