Imperial Terrain

Vando's Train Set - 32mm

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Black Friday 2020 Limited Edition Special!

Vando's Train Set at 32mm scale has arrived! A big thank you to ATXMinis for working on an awesome collaboration getting the train set hobbied up. The train set is a completely unique design made that you wont find anywhere else. Hobby it up and use it to add needed character to any type of board/biome. 

Models come as a kit ready for assembly and hobbied to your desired setting.

Included in the Kit:

  • 1x Engine model
  • 1x Flatbed Car model
  • 1x Boxcar model
  • 1x Endstop sections of tracks
  • 5x Straight sections of tracks

*Models will come 3d printed and will be unpainted/require assembly.

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