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Wightwood Abbey Scriptorium

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Massive medieval two story building designed for simultaneous play across different levels. Features multiple entrances with functional doors, as well as two stairwells and both internal and external balconies.

  • Delivered in 14 parts, plus doors
  • Assembled size is 15″L x 8″W x 10″H inches
  • Models do not come painted, miniatures are not included

“Ah, the glorious scriptorium, wherein all learning and copying of the ancient texts takes place. Hope you brought a cushion!”

The Wightwood Abbey Scriptorium is a massive medieval building for use with the Wightwood Abbey terrain set or as a centerpiece for any scenario where a large, multi-leveled building is needed. There are three entrances on the ground floor to the monks quarters, and two entrances to the Scriptorium proper on the second floor via an external stairwell as well as an internal stairwell. The second floor has an inner balcony level with access to a rear external balcony. The facade incorporates a cloister with detachable roof sections for easy access during play. Two external balconies and one internal balcony add to the possibilities in simultaneous multi-level game play. As well, the upper floors and roof come apart to allow for play-ability across multiple levels at once.

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