About Us

Imperial Terrain was born in 2016 after a regular group of Star Wars RPG (Fantasy Flight version) players, who regularly played with the standard map grid mat, decided there had to be a better way.

We had seen all kinds of cool 3d printed pieces on reddit and thingiverse for DnD and other games so we scraped some money together to buy our first 3d printer. We started the journey of learning all things 3d printing and after what seems like 100s of different file downloads off of thingiverse we started printing terrain for our Star Wars RPG campaign.

But....it wasn't enough. It never is, right?

On August 18, 2017 at GenCon, a big announcement was made introducing Star Wars™:Legion. Finally a game with tactical battles similar to 40k but in the Star Wars universe.

We went ALL in.

We knew we wanted a more immersive experience. Terrain that could be more specific to tactical scenarios we wanted to create and we wanted them to be as modular as possible to provide more than one playing option. 

We were also sick and tired of printing terrain that had supports making clean-up an absolute chore. 

So we created our own designs. 

Our terrain is designed in the 32-34mm scale, making them perfectly compatible with games like SW Legion and 40K.

Our digital files are scale neutral, meaning you can scale them up or down as needed.

Our principle design goals have always been, and will continue to be:

  • Increase game immersion
  • Incorporate game mechanics
  • Create designs that are easy and efficient to print (no supports, yes really!)