About Us

How did we start building Terrain?

Imperial Terrain was born in 2017 after a regular group of Star Wars RPG (Fantasy Flight version) players, who regularly played with the standard map grid mat, decided that there was probably a better way. We had seen all kinds of cool things on reddit involving 3d printing for terrain pieces for both DnD and other games, files all over thingiverse and scraped some money together. We bought a Prusa Mk2 in the beginning of the year and learned (very painfully) about 3d printing. I say very painfully because it was learning a whole new piece of technology, and as we all know, tuning that printer takes patience / time / skill. After we were tuned in pretty well, and downloaded what seemed to be over 100 different files off of thingiverse, we began printing. We created a whole table's worth of terrain to utilize for our Star Wars RPG campaign.


But....it wasn't enough. It never is right? We wanted more customized terrain. We wanted to build pieces that were tailor made to our scenarios we were playing, etc. Dave started doing some research and began cutting his teeth on modeling via tinkercad. After about 3 months of modeling, making early prototypes, and learning how to print self made files (STL's), Dave decided that tinkercad wouldn't be powerful enough to make the detailed models that were required for both the group and now some growing interest from the reddit community (Star Wars RPG) for the models that were developed. Over the last 6 months, Dave started learning "real" modeling software, in this case, Autodesk Fusion 360, Blender, Meshmixer, etc.

We caught wind of Legion on the 18th of August, along with the GenCon announcement and knew that this was a game we had to play. Finally, a game that combined tactical battles similar to 40k in the Star Wars universe that is backed/created by a company with a good track record. We went all in, identifying a good scale ~32-34mm(this is debated :) for the terrain and scratching out concepts, doing research on what boards will look like, game mechanics, etc and launched our first piece of terrain (The small desert house) to test the waters. It was very successful for a small shop, we have since shipped a massive amount of physical houses (and Digital files!) across the globe (UK, AUS, and Canada) and began designing more pieces. Imperial Terrain will continue to design, develop, test, print, and ship terrain for Legion. Our plan is to develop terrain for differently themed boards (Desert, Ice, Forest, and Urban) as well as theme neutral pieces such as objective markers, etc.

Imperial Terrain has grown to be the home for quite a few modelers including the beginning of Corvus Games Terrain. Table Top Gun is a huge partner of ours along with Syllogy. Our plan is to make a platform for the best 3d printing files period, files designed from the ground up for printing and ready to go from the second you click purchase.