Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an order take to ship?

On average, orders produced and shipped from the USA take roughly 10 business days from the date of order. Orders produced by our partners in the UK, Germany and Canada have longer turnaround times due to their lower production capacity. Turnaround times are subject to change.

Can I buy the Imperial Terrain Files and re-sell them?

No. Please read the Imperial Terrain License Agreement. We currently have printers across the globe helping us fulfill demand. However, Dave will discuss limited wholesale terms or printing terms with Local Game Stores. Please contact with any specific questions.

Do I need supports when printing the STL files?

I design all Imperial Terrain files to not need supports. Even if it looks like it needs them (arches, etc) you still don't need them. Make sure your printer is tuned and your bridging settings are locked in and you'll be fine. Potentially, you will need to use a hobby knife to clean up a few loose threads.

What are the best settings to print with?

We print all production pieces at .2 layer height with 2 perimeters. All files should be clean in the slicer. If you notice any oddities please email and we will review and edit as needed.

What size magnets can I use with terrain pieces?

8mm x 3mm round magnets. Click HERE for an example.

Are all your models on Patreon?

Negative, Patreon was recently started and is more of a "Subscription" model where for $15 a month you get early access to a set of files a month. Additionally, you receive unique content from us.

My print bed is too small for your files. Can I still print them?

Yes you can, most slicers have a "Cut" option that allow you to split a model in two. Most slicers will only allow you to do this along the XY plane for example, and this could require you to rotate the model, then cut ,then rotate back.

Do you have an EU/UK local distributor?

Yes, we do. During cart check-out select the "Local Shipping Longer Lead Time" shipping option. We will take care of organizing the rest with our EU partner.