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Imperial Terrain

Rando's Market - Digital STL File

Rando's Market - Digital STL File

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On every back country planet in any game system, there is the most crooked, vile, and charismatic little alien. This alien runs a wonderful shop with mechanical wonders, ship parts, and tons of junk. Imperial Terrain's homegrown little peddler is the one and only Rando (Vando's younger brother). Rando runs his Market and Market stalls to try to rip off as many travelers and the naive as possible, day in and day out.

Thankfully, his Market and the stalls provide an awesome certain piece for any game board. Designed for 30-34mm gaming, the Market itself has working built in doors, a large roof area with ladder access and tons of detail.

The archways can be used as a pair or singularly on either side of the main building and provide a significant height advantage to any units who run along their tops.

The Market Archways can be hobbied with a little love and fabric to build market stalls that provide LOS blocking or even cover opportunities for infantry units.

Included in this STL Bundle:

  • Rando's Market Main building
  • Rando's Market Roof
  • Rando's Market Side Archway
  • Rando's Market Arches


Main Structure - 5" Tall x 9" Deep x 7" Wide

Each Archway - 4.5" Tall x 6" x 2.5"

Market Arches (Each) -  3" Tall x 6" x 5"

Dustan was a huge, massive help on this project. Please feel free to thank him in the group, his addition to the team has added incredible value and you will see his dedication to the quality of his work in these prints.


  • .20 or .24 Layer Height
  • 2 Perimeters
  • 5-10% Infill
  • No Supports or Rafts needed

All files can be printed on a 200 x 200 print bed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Printed great and looks terrific

Printed this out over the last few days. I did have a false start on the arches as I didn't use a raft and one of the columns got unstuck. My fault. Since I added rafts, everything came out perfect, YMMV on this and you might not need the rafts. I did!

I note someone had issues with the arches and stringing/untidy lines. Well, there are small areas where this is evident - but as per the tutorials, just heating that up and smoothing over solves that. This isn't an issue for me.

Great model!

Great Terrain Products

Printed the whole thing and everything works fine with minimal manual support for the larger spans of the arches. 1 inch of support for the middle large spans does a good job. These will look great for our SW5e game we're starting soon.

Seth Uricheck
Nice, But Needs Supports and Forewarning

I think these sculpts look great and are nicely detailed. However, one trait that I'm used to in models from Imperial Terrain is that they print without supports.

The archway and market arches here do not print correctly without support material - I was able to complete the print, but the bottoms of the arches are flawed.

I recognize that the description of this product does not actually state you can print it without supports, but I'm accustomed to it from all of their other products so I think it's a reasonable presumption. The product description should include an explicit warning that supports are necessary for the arches, because for some people (including myself) that could influence not just the print settings but the decision to purchase.

Hey Seth, I print with no supports and have some stringing on the peak of the arches which is what I think you are mentioning. I take a hobby knife and trim any stringing, and then use a simple lighter/torch to smooth off. I'm willing to take a few extra minutes on a few spots instead of using supports on the entire print. Perhaps a quick youtube video on prepping the parts would be good?