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Imperial Terrain

Command Post - Digital STL Files

Command Post - Digital STL Files

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Looking to build a forward command post for your troops? Look no further than this set of Command Post STL files to upgrade those muddy worlds you may travel to. This set of 3d printed terrain files works great for your sci-fi tabletop.

200 x 200 Print Bed Compatible


  • Tent Section A
  • Tent Section B
  • Tent Section C
  • Power Generation Greebles
  • Communication Greebles
  • Tent Flooring Sections


Change Log
  • V1.1 - Launch Files


  • .20 or .24 Layer Height
  • 2 Perimeters
  • 5-10% Infill
  • No Supports or Rafts needed

All files can be printed on a 200 x 200 print bed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Stuart Nicholson
Almost perfect

Almost exactly what I wanted. Prints nicely on a Creality Ender 3, even at 0.16mm layer heights. Produces a nice tent at a great scale that fits together without patching. The cloth texturing on the tent paints up very nicely. My only comments would be it's a shame the seam between the 'open-end hoop' section wasn't better hidden (maybe in a tent rib), and that the eyepieces on that open-end hoop part are quite thin and prone to breaking off if you're not careful. It would also have been nice if the bulkhead sections could fit to any of the tent openings - but that's something you can fix yourself in Meshmixer or 3D Builder.

Camping has never been this much fun!

This set is great! It's fast and easy to print, my poor Ender 3 is running overtime right now!

Yellow Sign Studio
Fracken Awesome Modular

This is the most impressive STL set I've ever had the pleasure of printing. Being someone who spent a great deal of my younger years sleeping or eating in stuff not too far removed from this design (oh what memories), I had a great deal of fun and anticipation printing these up. I experimented both ways, printed with supports from my own app and Imperial Terrain's pre-supported version. Both work quite nicely on an FDM printer. Like everything else I have acquired from Imperial Terrain, printed with no fuss and no muss. Robo R1+ // Simplify3D // Materio3D or Buyapi PLA filaments. Suitable for Legion, SW RPG and a variety of other SciFi and Modern/Ultra-Modern table top games, even MCP. Can't wait to get coats of paint down on this to join the rest of my tabletop deployment. Like another reviewer, a straight section added to the mix would be nice, I too successfully mesh mixed a straight section for myself, but it would be nice to have it included.

Tent / Compound

This terrain piece is fantastic. Multi use and modular. This is absolutely what gamers are looking for. More bang for you money. Keep up the good work guys. Your design team are top notch!👍🏻

Nice Set, but with a little room for improvement

The set may bei very well-suited for Legions, but I bought it to be able to field improvised facilities (Like for medical treatment or Research compound) in modern and post-apocalypse environments.

What I am missing in the set is this:
- more options for the entrance and tge bulkhead with the opening for a door is actually missing the door itself?
- the C-section is split and can hardly be connected without visible Tracey of the Connection in the middle of both sections. I know that smaller printers need this option, but larger printers do not. So a combined Version of sections C would be great. I solved that with Meshmixer and some smoothing and it printed well on my printer
- finally, I was missing a straight sections. All sections are at least realizing a T construction. Again, I achieved this with Meshmixer and mirroring, but IT would be highly appreciated If the set contained some straight section right away?

Otherwise, this ist the best set for an improvised military compound and it really prints great.